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PRAGATI EYE Centre have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the big world of ophthalmology in our country.
At PRAGATI EYE centre our focus has always been towards developing futuristic eye care facilities accessible by everyone with an ease. We define ourselves as a fiercely dedicated band of surgeons, medical practitioners, attendants and management team who are well equipped and trained to provide one of the best eye care services in the country to our patients.
We specialize not only in laser vision correction and cataract treatments but also provide a slew of other eye care services like Glaucoma and cornea treatment, squint, lazy eye correction, ocuplasty and vitreoretina surgery etc.

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi
Tired of wearing those bulky spectacle frames on your nose? Fed up with being dependent on glasses for a clear vision? Afraid that quality Lasik Laser Eye Surgery will cost you a fortune. Then pragati eye Centre is the answer, because we make world-class Lasik surgery affordable in Delhi. Being amongst the leaders of eye care, we give you undivided attention and personalized care. Our surgery patterns are patient centric and we ensure that your experience at pragati eye Centre is an unforgettable one. With eye care hospitals in Delhi and still growing, we are always located within your reach. At PRAGATI EYE Centre, we understand your vision and help you take better care of them.

Contract Eye Surgery
Using traditional IOLs that induce positive spherical aberration into the eye AFTER CATARCT SURGERY can also degrade image quality as compared with aspheric IOL designs. Night driving simulators have shown an increase in functional vision in patients implanted with aspheric IOLs. For the best image quality, it is best to achieve an eye with zero spherical aberration.
The difference in image quality between aspheric IOLs and traditional spherical IOLs is real and significant, and it can be amplified in certain situations. Patients with larger pupils, patients with high demands of their vision (such as night driving) and patients with refractive surgery mindsets seeking perfect vision are more likely to perceive and appreciate the benefits of aspheric IOLs.

Diabetic Ratinopathy Treatment
Diabetic Retinopathy is an eye disease affecting the retina (the back portion of the eye) and is a frequent complication of diabetic disease. Diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the retina of the eye and can lead to poor vision and even blindness over a period of time.
During the early stages, the tiny blood vessels in the eye weaken and develop small bulges that may burst (causing haemorrhage) and leak into the retina (causing macular edema) and also into the gel-like fluid inside the eye called the vitreous gel (causing vitreous haemorrhage). This causes visual deterioration. As the condition progresses, new fragile blood vessels grow on the surface of the retina, impairing vision. All these changes can cause permanent visual deterioration and loss. This is called Diabetic Retinopathy

Glaucoma Treatment in Delhi
• Glaucoma is a disease that can lead to blindness or loss of vision. It is caused by the damage to the eye's optic nerve. If detected and treated early permanent
   damage can be minimized or even avoided. Once damage occurs, it cannot be reversed.
• Basically there are two types of Glaucoma:
• open-angle glaucoma
• Narrow-angle (or angle-closure) glaucoma of vision.
• Out of which Open-angle is the most common form of glaucoma accounting for 9o% of all cases and is associated with aging. Symptoms of this disease are often missed by the patient. It usually begins by affecting a person's peripheral [to the sides] vision and if remain untreated often leads to minimal or no vision at all.
• Glaucoma initially can be absolutely symptomless thus most often missed by the patient.

• There is no cure for glaucoma. However, there are various treatment options available that include eye drops, Glaucoma laser trabeculoplasty, Glaucoma implant surgery

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